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  1. That's it now - out of time, no more training. Just tried to refresh myself as best as possible, and get all my gear and food sorted out. Did a cracking 10km midweek!

    Wed: 10km

    Best effort with race weight pack and another personal best for this course! Just about near a sub 50 for this route, which will please me no end! There were muddy wet patches on the trail, as well as a blustery wind. Just hope I haven't done it a day too late and am still stiff by the weekend. Oh well, two and a half days rest with stretching should sort me out. Plus I go into the race with more confidence and a buzz. Bring it on!

    Total: 10km

  2. Fruit Flies and Bleeding Nipples...

    I never planned on entering this race, but after a quick think I decided it would be a perfect training run for the Hardmoors 60 at the end of the month, as well as a good substitute for the Hardmoors 30 that I missed on New Years Day. Unfortunately entries were postal, and not online, so I would have to enter on the day, which gave me some scope for changing my mind. Amazingly though, come Sunday morning of the race I managed to drag myself out of bed and drive myself to 'Rock 'n' Roll Ravenscar' nice and early