Website of Andrew Thomas

Welcome to my tiny allocation of cyberspace, I hope you enjoy browsing!

I am a non-fiction writer and not-so-fast runner, living in the North East of England, and I have a lot to write about!

I have recently taken the plunge to start putting together all my thoughts and ideas into a coherent form (ie I have started to write seriously), and am now self-publishing my works. I find life to be immensely interesting, challenging and beautiful, which has stimulated my interests in self improvement, business and entrepreneurship, long distance running and Christianity.

This website is where I will be sharing news, information and thoughts about my writing, and maybe a little bit about any interesting runs I have completed. I hope you enjoy reading my stuff, and are able to take something away with you.

You will also be able to buy any of my eBooks here, as well as find links to my profiles on Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Smashwords, Twitter and other reading platforms.